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BIM RoadTeam in Dubai, UK, and Cairo Provide and implement strategic solutions for building design professionals, Contractors, Operators, and Owners. Seeking to supplant project delivery methods through an innovative technology-driven process.

Managing and implementing the technologies and business practices that enable more effective Coordination, Communication, Collaboration, Presentation, and 3D printing.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions Service Provider 

Design and Construction management via Autodesk Construction Cloud for field execution and project management that empowers you to seamlessly collaborate, and deliver construction projects with saving time and on budget.

Help customers navigate the impact of BIM & Cloud transformation on their organizations and enable world-class business outcomes.

Projects BIM Consultations

Projects BIM Consultat

Supporting developers, clients, consultants, contractors and authorities as a BIM Consultants. Information Management. Design development process via BIM methodology. Implementing BIM strategies and plans for all project stakeholders. Guiding and Consulting on the BIM project process from a BIM Management point of view.

Full Discipline Federated Model 

BIM Road. not only Implementing BIM Level 2 in all our projects but also leading the market on how to handle the huge size models to achieve the real BIM benefits.
all Models based on Bs Standards 1192-2 and 1192-3, also strong File and Information management methodology, Repayable CDE Common Data Environment whatever single or multi-location.

All Discipline Model ( Architectural - Structural - Mechanical - Electrical - Plumbing - Fire Fighting and Interior) & Infrastructure 

Full Discipline Fedrated Model

Project Design Development / BIM Based

IFC Drawings

Using a BIM model platform, BIM Road develops and convert the project from the Concept Design stage to fully coordinated Tender stage including all drawings, Documentation and a model for all discipline. Our clients to be provided by full set of Drawings, Details, BOQ, Specifications and a LOD 300 or 400 Model injected with all materials and connected to the specifications.

Coordinated Shop Drawings

BIM Road Extracting The project Shop drawings form the coordinated information in the Federated model, this methodology achieves high level of drawings quality, Repayable Design Change management, Low design Risk and high level of drawings quality     

Shop Drawings

3D Model Analyses 

3D Model Analyses

BIM Road has the skills to analyse and evaluate the project design, refer to design Codes and Authority Regulations, Our Team has advanced experience to do a design Code study and evaluation for projects in KSA, Dubai and most of GCC    

Construction Simulation 4D

Construction Simulation or 4D Building Information Modelling (4D BIM) is a process to the intelligent linking of a 3D digital Revit model with time schedule-related information.
Roadprovides precise and useful construction project information for all Project stakeholders. It's gaining momentum in the Construction industry by providing both tangible and intangible benefits for it. 

4D BIM modeling visualization incorporates start and finish date data for the supply and installation of construction components and reveals the importance of them in relation to the overall project. It has removed the challenge associated with the traditional scheduling of construction sequences of misunderstanding brought by the lack of visualization.
Roadhas great expertise in 4D from software and construction sequence view.

The benefits of 4D BIM

  • Risk mitigation due to improved team coordination and communication

  • Construction Conflict detection

  • Improved delivery time and cost savings

  • Improved quality

Clash Management 

Clash Management

BIM Road Implement the Clash management for all our projects, targeting Zero Clash between all the project elements, this leads the project construction to less cost and time waste, it reduces also the construction risks 
Clash-free was one of the impossible targets before,
Now based on 
BIM Road methodology, we achieve it in all our projects     

Virtual Reality

BIM Road implementing Virtual Reality as our common presentation for the following:

  • External Walk Through and feel the external Spaces 

  • Internal Spaces and Interior Design 

  • Hotel Room Mock-up Rooms 

  • Sun Study and Building Masses Relations 

  • View study for all building windows 

  • Mechanical Rooms and Data Centers 

Virtual Reality
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