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BIM benefits For Consultants

Attract more business for architects that choose to use BIM, the benefits can prove to be very effective for their business. Adopting advanced technology can open up a broader prospective client base and attract more business. An architect that is able to offer the use of BIM opens up the possibilities of working with other construction individuals that also use the BIM software.

Saves a lot of time: BIM makes it easier to make alterations and automatically update the models, eliminating the need to make multiple new drawings. No boring repetitive tasks.

Improves the efficiency of project management it is very common for architects to spend a lot of time in meetings with different members of the projects, however, the BIM software, meaning less time is wasted in meetings with each member of the build.

Enhance competition: The technology can help smaller practices and individual consultants compete with larger, better-staffed firms.

Enables more transparency in the design process: reduces the room for error which can quite commonly fall in the architects hands and be very costly.

Other benefits of using BIM include:

Better planning and design: Using BIM, allows consultants to visualize a completed project with all of the required components and systems before the first digger arrives on site. This allows improved planning and design that can utilize all available space and resources.

Fewer reworks: BIM allows consultants to identify potential risks and prevent them from occurring. This reduces the need for costly rework and revision.

Savings on materials: BIM systems track and monitor resource and material levels providing detailed information on what is needed for the project before it even begins reducing the need to order more materials than needed, reducing waste.

Support for prefabrication: BIM allows you and your partners to more easily prefabricate components of the project offsite, which saves time and money.

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