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Benefits of BIM for Contractors

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

1) Eliminations of errors & omissions lead to a reduction of rework, construction cost & overall project duration. So the BIM engagement improves the project delivery cycle.

2)Leveraging BIM to improve collaborations among team members including owners & design firms which leads to greater integration among all team members which considered one of the most important trends from model-oriented projects.

3) Enhancing business development through not only delighting their clients & maintaining long term relationships with them but also enabling the attraction of new ones

4) Improving safety & faster cycle times for workflows and accelerating client and regulatory approvals.

Hence shortly we can classify BIM benefits into three types:

Internal benefits

Accrue directly to the contractors who use BIM

Project benefits

Which means improving the highest level of quality for the project delivered at an extremely lower cost?

Process benefits

Enhancing project workflow and processes among all parties

Perceived Return on investment On BIM:

According to the most recent survey, the return on investment in BIM falls into three broad categories as follows:

1) Very high positive Return:

Return on investment ranges between 26% up to over 100%.In this category, 27% of contractors perceived that BIM investment can have a very positive Return.

2) Moderately positive Return:

Return on investment ranges between 10% up to25%. In this category, 47% of contractors perceived that BIM investment can achieve a 10%-25% Return on investment.

3) Negative or breakeven return:

Return on investment ranges between negative returns up to 0 %.In this category, 25% of contractors perceived that BIM investment can have negative or no effect impact.

Benefits of BIM for contractors



Digital engineering meetings

New solutions

Material takeoff

Understand design intent

3D Survey


Site logistics

Facilities Management

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 07, 2020

Building industry got new shape by using the BIM technology. contractor engineers now can see there work before spending money and time on fabrication.

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