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Autodesk BIM Partner

Danat El Emarat Hospital

Abu Dhabi - UAE

Location: Abu Dhabi - UAE

G + 6 Floors  /   Built-Up Area = 40,000 Sqm


                Starting from the non-Coordinated Model, BIM  after Site Foundation Construction, Tide Schedule 
Deliverable :
                BIM Strategy, Model Evaluation, Clash Analysis, Clash Detection report and Clash solutions, Clash Free                      Model, Shop Drawings & As-Built Model 

                Walkthrough, Sun and shade study

BIM Road Vertual Reality
BIM Road Channel
BIM Road. Team Starting From 2011 a  Significant Lead, Manage, participate (and/or) produce the following Projects
BIM Road. are not project designer, For the following Projects, we developed the design and added more value by BIM Modeling and the rest of our services. 
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