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BIM Road has the combined experience of over 25 years of involvement and collaboration in the field of building technology and related services. We are supported by the talent and knowledge of over 20 highly skilled technical professionals of architects, Engineers, project Managers and programmers in our production Units  in Dubai & Cairo.
As an Architecture and Engineering Services Based in Dubai, UAE Offering verifiable superior services and project support, all the while continuing to be developed the unrealized potential of BIM ( Building Information Modeling ) .
BIM Road Strength is based on the harmony that has been obtained between all Architecture and Engineering teams to produce every single project as integrated unit that functions to achieve project goals in all meanings during Design, Tendering and construction phases. 

Our Team has experience to work in harmony with all BIM tools for Architecture, Structure, HVAC, Safety & Fire Fighting, Electrical, and Plumbing. Targeting the highest level of project coordination. 
BIM Road Services are stable for all Types of projects and its Stages. We offer comprehensive solutions which direct to all major design and construction trades. Along with tools for coordination, Clash detection, Model analysis and Virtual Reality integration.
We provide all BIM Solutions for Design, Construction, Management and operation Teams. 
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